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Possible Exam 1 Questions - Forensics nn 44

Possible Exam 1 Questions - Forensics nn 44 - 34...

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Unformatted text preview: 34. Concentration accounts: a. Were eliminated by the Patriot Act. b. Are used by banks to temporarily hold the cash deposits that they receive. c. Is a term that relates to activities that were followed in Germany before WWII. d. Are a way money launderers gain access to the U.S. banking system. 35. If bearer shares are used as means to identify ownership in a company, it means: a. Only that all owners of the company are identified. b. Only the person presenting the bearer shares is identifiable. c. The company is in receivership. d. The company is a foreign company. 36. If I am using my online checking account to transfer money to another online checking account at another bank, it is called: a. A wire transfer. b. An electronic fund transfer. c. An underground transfer. d. None of the above. 38. A keylogger is used to: a. Break into a computer. b. Steal passwords. c. Record all keystrokes on the keyboard. d. Physically copy keys to locks. Page 44 of 44 ...
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