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MANDATORY COURSE SEQUENCE BCom Option in Human Resource Management FIRST YEAR (30 credits) Session Prerequisites ADM 1300 Introduction to Business Management F ADM 1301 Social Context of Business W CSI 1306 Computing Concepts for Business F ECO 1102 Introduction to Macroeconomics W ECO 1104 Introduction to Microeconomics F ENG 1131 Effective Business English W MAT 1300 Mathematical Methods I F MAT 1302 Mathematical Methods II W PHI 1101 Reasoning and Critical Thinking F ELECTIVE: Course from another faculty W SECOND YEAR (30 credits) Session Prerequisites ADM 2302 Business Decision Models F CSI 1306, MAT 1302 ADM 2303 Statistics for Management F MAT 1300 ADM 2304 Application of Statistical Methods in Business W ADM 2303 ADM 2320 Marketing F ADM 1100/ADM 1300 ADM 2336 Organizational Behaviour F ADM 1100/ADM 1300 ADM 2337 Human Resource Management 1 W ADM 2336 ADM 2340 Financial Accounting 1 F ECO level 1000/18 credits ADM 2341 Managerial Accounting 1 W ADM 2340 ADM 2381 Business Communication Skills
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  • Spring '10
  • IntroductiontoBusinessManagement
  • Management, Human Resource Management, 24th century, Telfer School of Management, Financial Management The Management of Information Systems & Technology Operations Management International Business Occupational Health, ADM course, W F W F W F W F W Session F F W F F W F W W W Session W F F W W F W F F F W F W Session F W F W W F W F W

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