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Unformatted text preview: Hierarchies CS133: Developing Programming Principles Lecture 14 Class hierarchies, super/subclasses, calling superclass constructors, overriding methods • Information may be organized in a nonlinear manner. • Hierarchies represent dependencies or relationships in a non-linear, tree-like structure. • Examples: – People/Students/Co-op students – Classification of matter CS133 Course Notes Lecture 14, Slide 2 1 2 Example Person Another example Matter Student Instructor Mixtures Pure substances Co-op Student Grad Student Heterogeneous Homogeneous Compounds Elements CS133 Course Notes Lecture 14, Slide 3 CS133 Course Notes Lecture 14, Slide 4 3 4 Observations • Notice that the root of the hierarchy is the most general (Person, Matter) • As we move down through the tree, we become more specific – The attributes become increasingly welldefined....
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