Example co op student is more specific than student

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Unformatted text preview: – Example: Co-op Student is more specific than Student, which is more specific than Person. CS133 Course Notes Lecture 14, Slide 5 Observations continued • Attributes are passed down the tree – Example: if person has an address, then students will also have an address. • The CS/Java/O-O hierarchies will guarantee the above point – In “real life”, not all attributes are inherited CS133 Course Notes Lecture 14, Slide 6 5 6 How does this relate to CS? • We will treat these classes of things as objects, and relate them together using INHERITANCE Person • Suppose we know that all people have a name and an address. • We can do the following to the name and address: – Set – Compare – Retrieve CS133 Course Notes Lecture 14, Slide 7 CS133 Course Notes Lecture 14, Slide 8 7 8 The Person class public class Person { private String name; private String address; public Person(St...
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