So we may override a method in a subclass using the

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Unformatted text preview: hen we specialize (i.e., create subclasses), we may want to restrict or modify the methods of the parent class for this particular subclass. • So we may override a method in a subclass using the same signature as the super class method, but replacing the body of the method. CS133 Course Notes Lecture 14, Slide 19 Co-op Student • Suppose we extend the Student class to a subclass Co-op student. – Co-op students may be on a work term, or oncampus – Co-op students pay an additional Co-op fee CS133 Course Notes Lecture 14, Slide 20 19 20 The CoopStudent class public class CoopStudent extends Student { private boolean isOnWorkTerm = false; private static final double COOP_FEE = 317.69; public CoopStudent(String newName, int sID) { super(newName, sID); } public CoopStudent(String newName, String newAddress, int sID) Override { super(newName, newAddress, sID); calcFees } public double calcFees() { return super.calcFees() + COOP_FEE; }...
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