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Unformatted text preview: e a subclass of Person called Student. • Students are people, except they have a student id, take courses and, of course, pay fees. CS133 Course Notes Lecture 14, Slide 12 11 12 The Student class public class Student extends Person Indicates this is a subclass of Person { private int studentID; private String courses = new String[6]; private int numCourses = 0; private static final double PER_COURSE_FEE = 256.74; public Student(String newName, int sID) Call the constructor { super(newName); of the super class this.studentID = sID; } public Student(String newName, String newAddress, int sID) Call the second { super(newName, newAddress); constructor of the super class this.studentID = sID; } CS133 Course Notes Lecture 14, Slide 13 The Student class continued public boolean equals(Student other) {...
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