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Unformatted text preview: return this.studentID == other.studentID && this.sameName(other) && this.sameAddress(other); } public String getStudentID() { return this.studentID; } public double calcFees() { return this.numCourses*PER_COURSE_FEE; } CS133 Course Notes Lecture 14, Slide 14 13 14 Student class continued super(Arguments) • Calls the constructor of the immediate superclass if there is one that can accept the arguments. • Must be first statement in constructor • Otherwise, super() is inserted automatically • Otherwise, there is a compile-time error. • Here, Person's constructors are called. CS133 Course Notes Lecture 14, Slide 15 CS133 Course Notes Lecture 14, Slide 16 15 16 Student class continued • A Student object will have a name, as well as the getName and setName metho...
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