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9 GRADING CONTACT: Barbara Felkins ( [email protected]; 642-1421) or Erika Walker ( [email protected]; 643-1470) The Undergraduate Program Office recommends that you use a curve when grading your Undergraduate courses and can provide you with past semesters’ grading breakdowns for your course if you wish. During 2006-2007, in conjunction with the Undergraduate Program Committee, the Undergraduate Program Office developed for the first time a recommended grade distribution for core courses . You may consider using this distribution as you determine your final core course grades.
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Unformatted text preview: The recommended distribution is shown below and has a mean GPA of about 3.00. A = 5% A- = 10% B+ = 20% B = 30% B- = 20% C+= 10% C= 4% C- or below=1% ♦ P/NP (Passed/Not Passed) and S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory). For undergraduate students taking courses P/NP, their level of performance must correspond to a minimum letter grade of C- if they are to receive a Passed grade. For graduate students taking courses S/U, their level of performance must correspond to a minimum letter grade of B- if they are to receive a Satisfactory grade....
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