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Name Class Date Behavior of Gases Using Boyle's law and Charles's law, fill in the blanks in each of the pairs of diagrams. Do not be concerned with the absence of units on the number values. Use the numbers only to help you determine relationships between volume, pressure, and temperature.
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Unformatted text preview: fi-+H t=d I t T I I I t I T I I t t I ! E & E B f2 law law 100 40 P r : 1 0 Vr = 100 P z : Tr=40 Vr = 120 T z = l0 l. law T2 Tr:15 Vr=70 Tz=30 Pr =25 Pz= Vr:6 Vz: 5. law I Pr =3 Vr:90 P- =a Tr=50 Pr =20 Vr = 100 du fi 3. law tD6 6. laws...
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