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AtomsHotel - CHECKING INTO THE ATOMS MOTEL Your task is to...

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CHECKING INTO THE ATOMS MOTEL Your task is to read this passage and determine the assignment of electrons to their rooms and the order of check-in for the electrons to the Atoms' Motel. To do this, you may draw a picture of the motel, draw a flow diagram, write an outline, write a brief summary , or any other method you may think of to portray your task. Deep in the depths of the atomic realm there exists a haven for the wayward and wary electron traveler: the Atoms' Motel. It is not a plush resort, but a very serviceable, discrete, and distinctively stylish place. It has a lobby containing the check-in desk, a very attractive restaurant, and an electronic game room. There is no pool; electrons can get shorted out when they come in contact with water. Electrons occupy the motel with great frequency and will take quantum leaps to get there. Above the ground level lobby, there are seven levels of rooms, each having its own style and decor. The first level, for example, has only one room, a s uite with only one double bed. It is the number one priority for traveling electrons due to its nearness to the ground level and its ample amenities. In fact, the ground level rooms are extremely popular to electrons, because they want to expend the least amount of energy necessary to get to their rooms, and they are not at all bashful about sharing their accommodations with fellow electrons in order to occupy these key locations.
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