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OCEANOGRAPHY EXAM STUDYGUIDE Questions Are Not Facts! – Look for the clues in the test. – Know the terms – all the terms are in the exam What are the 4 principles oceans of the earth? Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic What is the order of the Galaxy, Planet & Solar system? Order from youngest to oldest? What was the primordial atmosphere on earth composed of? Leftover gases from the nebula, mostly vapor, steam and carbon dioxide, hydrogen and other gases. What is the oceanic crust comprised of? Relatively low density rocks, consisting mostly of various silicate minerals (silicaon and oxygen.) What are heterotrophs? The earliest forms of life were probably hetereotrophs, hetereotrophs require an external food supply which was abundantly available in the form of nonliving organic matter in the ocean around them. What are autotrophs? Can manufacture their own food supply, evolved after heterotrophs What is a radioactive isotope? Radioactive isotope or radioisotope, natural or artificially created isotope of a chemical element having an unstable nucleus that decays, emitting alpha, beta, or gamma rays until stability is reached. What do we use radioactive isotopes for in science? The are used in the practice of Nuclear Science What controls climate distribution on our planet? What is continental drift? The continents drifting apart from their initial position Pangaea. How is continental drift confirmed? Bullard using a computer to match up the borders at the continental shorelines 2000 feet deep. Who are Vine and Matthews? They determined a new ocean floor was being produced at ocean ridges. – The rocks had different directions in their magnetism What are the deep ocean trenches and how do they form? They are scars in the ocean floor that formed by
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