Intro Biology - Chapter 5 Biological Membranes I) Lipid...

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Chapter 5 – Biological Membranes I) Lipid Bi-layer a. Plasma membrane is created from the lipid bi-layer b. Physically separates i. Interior of cell from external environment c. Receives information i. About changes in environment d. Regulates passage of materials in and out of cell i. Vesicular transport e. Communicates with other cells f. Forms compartments i. To allow separate functions to take place g. Participates in biochemical reactions II) Fluid Mosaic Model a. Cell membranes consist of a fluid bi-layer composed of phospholipids in which a variety of proteins are embedded – proteins move b. Proteins in Lipid Bi-layer i. Integral (transmembrane) protein 1. One end of protein is touching the outside of the cell and another end touching the Cytosol ii. Peripheral Protein 1. Proteins that only on one side of the plasma membrane III)Plasma Membrane a. Integral Membrane Proteins i. Transmembrane membrane proteins 1. Extends completely through membrane (as both a helices and B sheets (barrel) configuration)
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ii. Embedded in bi-layer (not easily removed) – via vesicles iii. Amphipathic 1. Hydrophilic heads extend into cytoplasm 2. Hydrophobic regions interact with Fatty acid tails of membrane phospholipids b. Peripheral Membrane Proteins i. Inner or outer surface of bi-layer ii. Associated with integral protein c. Membrane Proteins Functions i. Anchoring 1. Some membrane proteins such as integrins anchor the cell to the extracellular matrix 2. Also connect to microfilaments within the cell 3. Help cells attach with other cells ii. Passive transport 1. Channel proteins for selective passage of ions or molecules
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Intro Biology - Chapter 5 Biological Membranes I) Lipid...

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