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September 14, 2009 Raebony General Chemistry : Chapter 2 I) Isotopes a. Background Information i. Different “varieties” of the same element ii. The element is determined by the Z, protons, not by the neutrons iii. Isotope determined by A, mass number iv. All isotopes of same element have similar chemical properties b. Isotopic Mass and natural abundance
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Unformatted text preview: i. Atomic mass is the avg. of the isotopic mass ii. A = Ef 1 a 1 1. F1 is the natural abundance of isotope 1 2. A1 is the mass of isotope 1 iii. 1 = Ef1 iv. Problem 1. 10B with mass of 10.0129 u 2. 11B with mass of 11.0093 u 3. Solution a. 10.81 = f10 (10.0129) + f11(11.0093) b. 1 = f10+f11 c. 10.81 = f (10.0129) + (1-f)(11.0093)...
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