SYLLABUS ENGR214-STATICS - 2 ENGReT14 S tatics Fall2 009...

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Instructor: torrti"' '- - , Ptrone: -Pmaii: 'il;il;, i-offi" H;;;;, Text Engineering Mechanics: Statics Bedford/Fowler. 5th Edition ISBN:9780136129158 5 credits r]. a,: ti tn :.{ Course Description Newton's laws of motion applied to structures at rest and with no acceleration. Topics covered are vector, forces, moments, equilibrium, 3D structures, trusses, frames, machines, friction, internal forces, center of mass. and moment of inertia. Course Objectives Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Solve two and three-dimensional equilibrium problems by summing vector forces and moments. (Quantitative Skills) 2. Solve for forces in structures using the methods ofjoints and sections. (Quantitative Skills) 3. Solve problems involving static friction. (Quantitative Skills) 4. Calculate centroids and moments of inertia for two-dimensional shapes. (Quantitative Skills) 5. Work effectively on a team to solve complex design problems. (Group Interaction, Quantitative Skills, Critical Thinking) 6. Use engineering logic effectively in problem solving. (Critical Thinking, Quantitative Skills) Important Dates . Sep 21: Fall quarter classes begin Sep 24: Late registration begins Oct 2: Last day to drop classes without a transcript entry Oct 9: Non-instructional day, NO CLASSES Nov 9: Last day to withdrarv from a class Nov 9: Last day to change from credit to audit or audit to credit (instructor signature required) Nov ll: Veterans Day, NO CLASSES Nov 26-28: Thanksgiving, NO CLASSES Dec 7-10: Final exams IENGR& 214 Finul Exum: 9:30um - I1:20qm Thursday Dec Ld'f Dec 10: Quarter ends If you require an accommodation for a disability, please contact Services for Students with Disabilities, (425) 640 -13 20, ssdmai [email protected] ENGReT 21 4: Statics Fall 2009 Patrick Burneft Alderwood Hall 233 (42s) 640-tsii patrick. [email protected] - -:. - Daily 9:30 - 10:20 (Brier 287); : Tue & Thu 10:30am - I 1:20pm - l:20pm , Fri 8:30am -9:20am :.i a: E !4 a it, Course Prerequisites ENGR I l0: Engineering Problem Solving
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Blackboard Accounts All course announcements, homework assignments, homework solutions, and other pertinent class information will appear on the Blackboard account for ENGR& 214 All students are expected to check the blackboard account regularly (on a daily basis). You are automatically enrolled if vou are officiallv resistered
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SYLLABUS ENGR214-STATICS - 2 ENGReT14 S tatics Fall2 009...

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