Bridge Design Project 2009

Bridge Design Project 2009 - ENGR& 214: Statics Balsa...

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Balsa Wood Bridge Project Project Deliverables Deliverable/Activity Points Due Date Design Proposal 25 Monday Nov. 9 Bridge Model 25 Monday Nov. 16 Constructed Bridge (test day) 10 Friday Nov 20 40 Wednesday Nov. 25 TOTAL 100 Introduction Each team will design a bridge that will be made of balsa wood and wood glue. The bridges will be modeled and optimized using the online modeling software. Teams will then build their bridges out of balsa wood and carpenters glue provided by the instructor. Bridges will be tested to failure and efficiency load will be determined. At the conclusion of the test, each team will be required to perform a detailed failure analysis of their bridge. Your team is free to build more than one bridge however; you will only need to conduct the failure analysis on one of your bridges. Design Proposal Prior to building your bridge, each team will write a design proposal outlining the specifics of your chosen design. Your design proposal must be typed and should consist of the following: 1. A list of ALL design constraints and objectives. Use the information listed under the “bridge construction” heading to help you come up with a complete list. Example (this is NOT a complete list): Design Constraint Description Materials Bridges will be constructed with balsa wood and glue supplied by the instructor. No other materials are allowed. Span The bridge must span a gap of 30 cm between two level platforms Design Objective Description Weight of Bridge Keep the weight of the bridge as low as possible in order to maximize the efficiency loading. Aesthetics Bridge should be aesthetically pleasing. Note: design constraints are things that are imposed on your design by the rules. Design objectives are your goals for the project. Page 1 of 4
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2. Sketches and descriptions of at least three obviously different design concepts for your bridge design. 3. One paragraph for each design concept that outlines the advantages and disadvantages of the design, in the context of the structural engineering concepts. 4. Selection of one design concept to pursue for your final bridge design and construction. 5.
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Bridge Design Project 2009 - ENGR& 214: Statics Balsa...

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