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Exam 02 – Topics/Review Exam 02 will cover chapters 4 and 5 Format: Conceptual Questions (approx 20%) Worked Problems (approx. 80%) Focus on the following topics for review: Although this test is not cumulative, you still need to know material from chapters 2 and 3. Chapters 4 and 5 build on these concepts. Review: o Vectors and how to use them o 2D and 3D force systems Equivalent systems o Replacing a system of forces and moments with a single equivalent force (no moments) o Remember that you don’t always have to solve for the reactions. The equilibrium equations o Know them, imbed them in your memory forever 2D equilibrium o 3 equations (know them), 3 unknowns
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Unformatted text preview: o Be familiar with all the supports & their reactions o Know how to solve for the reactions using the equilibrium equations o Free body diagrams…know how to draw them…imbed these in your memory too. 3D equilibrium o 6 equations (know them), 6 unknowns o Again: supports & reactions – know how to solve for reactions using your free body diagrams and equilibrium equations. Statically indeterminate structures o Know the difference between redundant and improper supports. 2-force members o Be able to identify them o Be able to draw the correct FBD of a 2-force member Some review problems: 4.192 4.193 5.140 5.144 5.150...
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