act230 TT1 - Family name comma personal names Your student...

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ACT230 F08 TT1 v08 post test Privacy Code A Page 1 of 8 Family name, comma, personal names:____________________________________ Your student ID:______________________________________________________ Your signature: ______________________________________________________ UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO Faculty of Arts and Science ACT230 F08 TERM TEST 1, SEPTEMBER 30, 2008 Duration – 50 Minutes Aids: All calculators allowed. Scrap paper OK if needed. Instructor: Keith Sharp PhD FSA CFA NOTES: 1. Please identify your Privacy Code in the page footer (small letters at bottom of this page, A, B, C or D) and blob it as the answer for the question after the last real question (so blob as question 11 for a 10-question term test, as question 25 for a 24 question final). 2. Any scrap paper is to be handed in with this book. It’s OK to write on book. 3. This is a closed book exam. 4. Multiple choice: only your letter answer mark sense sheet will be graded. 5. Mark sense sheets: please write in both the blobs and eye-readable identifiers 6. Mark sense sheets: pencil preferred, ink might have to be hand-graded 7. Each question: 10 points correct, two if blank, zero points if wrong 8. So expectation if you guess is the same as leaving a blank. 9. Make sure you’ve indicated your letter answers on the mark sense sheet before time’s up 10. Please stay in your seats and don’t talk till all materials have been collected. 11. Photo ID on desk during exam 12. Name and student ID and signature on this question paper and on mark sense sheet 13. Good luck!
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ACT230 F08 TT1 v08 post test Privacy Code A Page 2 of 8 1. ) Bank A is offering an account paying 6.0% per annum compounded monthly. Bank B is offering a 5% per annum rate of discount, compounded quarterly. At time 0 you deposit $10,000. Calculate |X| (modulus, absolute value) where X is the difference in the accumulation after seven years from using Bank A rather than Bank B. (A) Less than $500.000
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act230 TT1 - Family name comma personal names Your student...

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