scholorship application - Explain why you are pursuing a...

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Explain why you are pursuing a career in civil engineering, and what your specific areas of interest are, if any, within the field I am pursuing my studies in Civil Engineering for different motives. I believe that I have the talent in building structures and pavements activities. I had a successful experience at West Brook High School where we were asked to build an object and we had a choice to choose from different ideas. I chose to build five feet skyscraper building on 1:10 scale. Furthermore, I had a unique opportunity to visit _____ company, that is specialized in civil engineering projects. I met one of the managers of that company who’s name was Mr. Raza. He gave me a valuable presentation that inspired me to pursue my career in Civil Engineering. Most importantly, I am very patient person that can work under stress for long hour, and be able to communicate and cooperate with my co-workers. As well as, I believe I have a good leadership foundation where I can maintain a healthy relation between my employees and my clients, provide healthy environment, work as a human resource manager by satisfying their needs, understanding them, giving them equal opportunities, and giving them a frequent feedback. Describe any work experience you have had during high school or college. How many hours per week did you work, and what did you do? (Your work experience need not be related to your interest in engineering.) I worked at Denny’s restaurant as a hostess, waiter, and sue chef for 70 hours per week for two months. Then I was promoted to a part time manager. I had an amazing experience where I had to train myself to work under stress for long hours. One of my memorable experience was when hurricane Rita hit South East Texas with category three and I was at the restaurant at that time. I worked as a cashier, su-chef , and co-manager at the same time. This made me have a pleasing recommendation by my manager and
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scholorship application - Explain why you are pursuing a...

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