What Is An FMEA

What Is An FMEA - Control o Develop System Design and...

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What Is An FMEA? A tool used to evaluate - potential failure modes and their causes. o Prioritizes Potential Failures according to their Risk and drives actions to eliminate or reduce their likelihood of occurrence. o Provides a discipline/methodology for documenting this analysis for future use and continuous process improvement. o By its self, an FMEA is NOT a problem solver. It is used in combination with other problem solving tools. ‘The FMEA presents the opportunity but does not solve the problem.’ How FMEA Fits With Elements of TQM o Customer Requirements o Engineering Specifications o System and Components Specifications o Process and Supplier Requirements and
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Unformatted text preview: Control o Develop System Design and Process FMEA o Eliminate Potential Failures o Improve Upon Design and Process o Design is The Critical Element FMEAs Have Failure Modes? o The team developing the FMEA turns out to be one individual. o The FMEA is created to satisfy a customer or third party requirement, NOT to improve the process. o The FMEA is developed too late in the process and does not improve the product/process development cycle. o The FMEA is not reviewed and revised during the life of the product. It is not treated as a dynamic tool. o The FMEA is perceived either as too complicated or as taking too much time....
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  • Requirements analysis, Failure mode and effects analysis, FMEA, Process FMEA Eliminate, discipline/methodology

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What Is An FMEA - Control o Develop System Design and...

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