and when clovis died it was time for me to leave a

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Unformatted text preview: to give Parrish something," he said, almost to himself, still walking. "I'm more concerned with myself than Parrish," Patrick said. "It's not just Parrish. It's the system, Patrick. If you walk away, then you've effectively bought your way out of jail. Everybody looks bad but you." "Maybe I'm only concerned with me." "So am I. But you can't humiliate the system and expect to ride off into the sunset." "Nobody made Parrish run and get a capital murder indictment. He could've waited a week or two. No one made him announce it to the press. I have no sympathy for him." "Neither do I. But this is a hard sell, Patrick." "Then I'll make it a bit easier. I'll plead guilty to the mutilation, but with no jail time. Not one single day. I'll go to court, plead guilty, pay a fine, let Parrish get credit for a conviction, but then I'm outta here." "You'll be a convicted felon." "No, I'll be free. Who in Brazil will care if I get a slap on the wrist?" Sandy stopped the pacing and sat on the bed beside him. "So you'll go back to Brazil?" "It's home, Sandy." "And the girl?" "We'll either have ten kids, or eleven. We haven't decided." "How much money will you have?" "Millions. You gotta get me out of here, Sandy. I have another life to live." A nurse barged through the door, flipped on a light switch, and said, "It's eleven o'clock, Patty. Visiting hours are over." She touched his shoulder. "You okay, sweetie?" "I'm fine." "You need anything?" "No thanks." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, She left as fast as she came. Sandy picked up his briefcase. "Patty?" he said. Patrick shrugged. "Sweetie?" Another shrug. Sandy thought of something else when he got to the door. "A quick question. When you drove the car off the road, where was Clovis...
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