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Unformatted text preview: 're not saying a word," Sandy promised. "When would you like for Ms. Miranda to be released?" "Tomorrow. And she needs to be escorted from the jail in Miami to the private air terminal. We would like FBI protection until she is on the plane." Jaynes shrugged as if he didn't understand. "No problem," he said. "Anything else?" Sandy asked, rubbing his hands together as if the fun was about to start. "Nothing from the government," Sprawling said. "Good. Here's what I suggest," Sandy said, as if they had a choice. "I have two secretaries here with PC's. We have already prepared a rough draft of a settlement agreement and order of dismissal. It shouldn't take too long to hammer out the finer points, then you guys can sign off. I will then drive it over to my client, and hopefully within a couple of hours we'll be finished. Mr. Mast, I suggest you contact the federal Judge and arrange a conference call as soon as possible. We'll fax him the order of dismissal." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "When do we get the documents and tapes?" asked Jaynes. "If everything gets signed and approved in the next few hours, you can have them at 5 P.M. today." "I need a phone," Sprawling said. So did Mast and Jaynes. They scattered throughout the suite. REGULAR INMATES received an hour each day outdoors. It was late October, a cool and cloudy day, and Patrick decided to demand his constitutional rights. The deputies in the hallway said no; it had not been authorized. Patrick called Karl Huskey and got everything approved. He also asked Karl if he could stop by Rosetti's on Division Street near the Point and pick up a couple of Vancleave Specials-crabmeat and cheese po'boys-and join him for lunch, outside. Karl said he would be delighted. They ate on a wooden bench, not far from a small fountain and a sad little maple. The various wings of the hospital surrounded them. Karl had brought po'boys for the deputies as well, and they sat nearby, jus...
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