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Unformatted text preview: quot;Why does it matter?" "It matters. Your passport lists your home in Rio. So where will you be staying in Sao Paulo?" "A hotel." "And the name of the hotel?" She hesitated as she struggled to grab the name of a hotel, and the little interval was deadly. "Uh, the-the -Inter-Continental," she finally said, without the slightest hint of truthfulness. He wrote it down, then said, "And we can assume the room there is reserved in the name of Lean Pires?" "Of course," she said, snapping back nicely. But one quick phone call would prove she was lying. "Where is your luggage?" he asked. Another crack in the facade, and this one even more revealing. She hesitated, glanced away, and said, "I'm traveling light." Someone knocked on the door. Rivera opened it slightly, took a sheet of paper, and whispered to his unseen colleague. Leah sat down and tried to relax. The door closed and Rivera studied his evidence. "According to our records, you entered the country eight days ago, here in Miami, on a flight from London which originated in Zurich. Eight days, and no luggage. Seems odd, doesn't it?" "Is it a crime to travel light?" she asked. "No, but it is a crime to use a false passport. At least here, in the U.S." She looked at the passport lying on the table near him, and she knew it was as phony as could be. "It's not a false passport," she said indignantly. "Do you know a person by the name of Eva Miranda?" Rivera asked, and Leah couldn't keep her chin up. Her heart Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, stopped and her face fell, and she knew the chase was over. Rivera knew they had snared another one. "I'll have to contact the FBI," he said. "It will take some time." "Am I under arrest?" she asked. "Not yet." "I'm a lawyer. I-" "We know. And we have the right to detain...
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