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Unformatted text preview: "Biloxi, Mississippi. Born in New Orleans. Law school at Tulane. Wife, one daughter, age six. Missing now for over Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, four years." "Bingo. That's me." "Tell me, Patrick, did you watch your own burial service?" "Is that a crime?" "No. Just a rumor." "Yes. I watched it. I was touched by it. Didn't know I had so many friends." "How nice. Where did you hide after your burial?" "Here and there." A shadow emerged from the left and a hand adjusted the valve at the bottom of the drip bag. "What's that?" Patrick asked. "A cocktail," Guy answered, nodding at the other man, who retreated to the corner. "Where's the money, Patrick?" Guy asked with a smile. "What money?" "The money you took with you." "Oh, that money," Patrick said, and breathed deeply. His eyelids closed suddenly and his body relaxed. Seconds passed and his chest moved slower, up and down. "Patrick," Guy said, gently shaking his arm. No response, just the sounds of a deep sleep. The dosage was immediately reduced, and they waited. THE FBI FILE on Jack Stephano was a quick study; former Chicago detective with two degrees in criminology, former high-priced bounty hunter, expert marksman, self-taught master of search and espionage, and now the owner of a shady D.C. firm which apparently charged huge fees to locate missing people and conduct expensive surveillance. The FBI file on Patrick Lanigan filled eight boxes. It made sense that one file would attract the other. There was no shortage of people who wanted Patrick found and brought home. Stephano's group had been hired to do it. Stephano's firm, Edmund Associates, occupied the top floor of a nondescript building on K Street, six blocks from the White House. Two agents waited in the lobby by the elevator as two others stormed Stephano's office. They almost scuffled with a heavy secretary...
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