it was a pretty light casket wasnt it sandy said yes

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Unformatted text preview: iloxi. Call him at the hotel suite when she arrived at JFK. He would have further instructions. In other words, he would tell her things Mr. Birck here shouldn't hear. They arrived at the busy general aviation terminal on the north side of Miami International. The agents stayed with their car as Birck escorted her inside. The pilots were waiting. They pointed to a handsome little jet parked just outside, ready to take her anywhere she wanted. "Take me to Rio," she almost said. "Please, Rio." She shook hands with Birck, thanked him for being so nice, and boarded her flight. No luggage. Not a stitch of extra clothing. Patrick would pay dearly for this. Let her get to London; give her a day along Bond and Oxford. She'd have more clothes than this little jet could carry. AT SUCH an early hour, J. Murray looked especially tired and disheveled. He managed to grunt a hello to the secretary who opened the door, and he said yes to coffee, strong and black. Sandy greeted him, took his wrinkled blazer, and showed him to a parlor where they sat and reviewed the property settlement agreement. "This is much better," Sandy said when he finished. Trudy had already signed off on the deal. J. Murray couldn't endure another visit by her and her slimy gigolo. She and Lance had fought yesterday in his office. J. Murray had been doing dirty divorces for years, and he'd bet good money that Lance's days were numbered. The financial strain was gnawing at Trudy. "We'll sign it," Sandy said. "Why wouldn't you? You're getting everything you want." "It's a fair settlement, under the circumstances." "Yeah, yeah." "Look, Murray, there's been a significant development involving your client and her lawsuit with Northern Case Mutual." "Do tell." "Yes, there's a lot of background which is really not relevant to your client, but the bottom line is this: Northern Case Mutual has agreed to drop its lawsuit against Trudy." J. Murray just sat there for a few seconds...
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