its handsome in rio they have drive through plastic

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Unformatted text preview: circumstances. This was what his client wanted. "Why would someone tip your office that your client was in danger?" Sweeney asked. "I have investigators working on the case. They know lots of people. Some gossip got passed along, and one of my investigators tracked it down. That's the way these things happen." - Sweeney showed neither belief nor disbelief. He smoked his cigarette and thought about it. In the past week, he had heard every conceivable species of rumor about the adventures of Patrick Lanigan. People were talking about nothing else. The hit man stories were of several varieties. Sweeney figured his network was better than the lawyer's, especially one from New Orleans, so he would let him talk. "Got any suspects?" "Yes. His name is Lance Maxa; I'm sure you know him." "We do." "He took Patrick's place with Trudy not long after the funeral." "Some would say Patrick took his place," Sweeney said, with his first smile. Sandy was indeed on foreign turf. The Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, Sheriff knew more than he. "Then I guess you know all about Lance and Trudy," Sandy said, a little rattled. "We do. We take good notes around here." "I'm sure you do. Anyway, Lance, as you know, is a nasty sort, and my men got a rumor that he was looking for a contract killer." "How much is he offering?" Sweeney asked skeptically. "Don't know. But he has the money, and he has the motive." "I've already heard this." "Good. What do you plan to do?" "About what?" "About keeping my client alive." Sweeney took a deep breath and decided to hold his tongue. He struggled with his temper. "He's on a military base, in a hospital room with my deputies guarding his door and FBI agents down the hall. I'm not sure what else you have in mind." "Look, Sheriff, I'm not trying to tel...
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