one of many unfounded rumors so youre saying the next

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Unformatted text preview: ot; Sandy slid a sheet of paper across the table. Parrish read it quickly and said, "Forgive me. It's not something we prosecute every day." "It's all you have, Terry," Patrick said, with all the cool confidence of someone who'd planned this meeting for years. T.L. was convinced, but no prosecutor folded this easily. "Looks like a year in jail," he said. "A year in Parchman should do you good." "Sure, except that I'm not going to Parchman." "Where do you plan to go?" "Somewhere. And I'll get there with a first-class ticket." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "Not so fast. We have this body." "No, Terry. You don't have a body. You have no clue who got cremated, and I'm not telling until we cut the deal." "The deal being?" "Drop the charges. Give it up. Both sides pack up and go home." "Oh, that'll look nice. We catch the bank robber, he gives the money back, we drop the charges, and wave good-bye to him. That'll send the right message to the other four hundred defendants I have under indictment. I'm sure their lawyers will understand. A real shot in the arm for law and order." "I don't care about the other four hundred, and they certainly don't care about me. This is the criminal process, Terry. It's every man for himself." "But not everybody is on the front page." "Oh, I see. You're worried about the press.,When is reelection. Next year?" "I'm unopposed. I'm not too worried about the press." "Of course you are. You're a public official. It's your job to be worried about the press, which is precisely the reason why you should dismiss the charges against me. You can't win. You're worried about the front page? Imagine your picture there after you lose." "The family of the victim does not wish to press charges," Sandy said. "And the family is willing to go public.&quo...
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