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Unformatted text preview: ight, and off we went. The plane to Atlanta left in an hour. The one to Miami was an hour and a half. The one to La Guardia was boarding, so I flew to New York." "With ninety million bucks." "Minus fifty thousand for old Dunlap. It was the longest flight of my life, Karl. I knocked down three martinis and was still nothing but nerves. I would close my eyes and see customs agents with machine guns waiting on me at the gate. I just knew Dunlap had gotten suspicious and called the firm, and that somehow they had tracked me to the airport and onto the flight. I have never wanted to get off a plane so badly in my life. We landed, taxied to the terminal, got off the plane. A camera flashed as we stepped into the gate area, and I thought, This is it! They've got me! It was some kid with a Kodak. I practically ran to the men's room, where I sat on the toilet for twenty minutes. Next to my feet was a canvas overnight bag with all my worldly possessions." "Don't forget the ninety million." "Oh yeah." "How'd the money get to Panama?" "How do you know it went to Panama?" "I'm the Judge, Patrick. The cops talk to me. It's a small town." "It was in the wiring instructions from Nassau. The money went into a new account in Malta, then quickly on to Panama." "How'd you become such a wizard at wiring money?" "Just took a little research. I worked on it for a year. Tell me, Karl, when did you hear that the money was missing?" Karl laughed and reclined even farther. He clasped his hands behind his head. "Well, your pals at the firm did a poor job of keeping their little settlement quiet." "I'm shocked." "In fact, the whole town knew they were about to be filthy rich. They acted so serious about the secrecy, yet they were spending money like crazy. Havarac bought the biggest, blackest Mercedes ever made. Vitrano's architect was in the final stage of designing th...
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