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Unformatted text preview: ot;We had a deal, Jack. You would tell us the truth, and we would drop the charges against you. And, as I recall, we agreed not to arrest your clients. Now what I am supposed to do, Jack?" Stephano was looking at Underbill and Oliver, who seemed ready to pounce on his next utterance. They, in turn, stared coldly at him, missing nothing. "She knows where the money is," Stephano said in resignation. "Do you know where she is?" "No. She fled Rio when we found Patrick." "No sign of her?" "No." Haynes looked at his truth squad. Yes, he had stopped the lying. "I agreed to tell you everything," Jack said. "I did not agree to do anything else. We can still look for her." "We didn't know about her." "Too bad. If necessary, we can review our agreement. I'll be happy to call my lawyer." "Yes, but we've already caught you lying." "I'm sorry. It won't happen again." "Lay off the girl, Jack. And release her father." "I'll think about it." "No. You'll do it now." THE BEACH HOUSE was a modern tri-level in a row of seemingly identical structures along a freshly developed strip of the Coast. October was off-season. Most of the houses appeared to be empty. Sandy parked behind a shiny generic four-door with Louisiana plates, a rental car, he presumed. The sun was low on the horizon, inches off the top of the flat water. The Gulf was deserted; not a boat or a ship could be seen. He climbed the steps and followed the wraparound deck until he found a door. Leah answered his knock with a smile, a short one forced through because she was at heart a warm person, not given Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, to the dark mood swings which now plagued her. "Come in," she said softly, and locked the door behind him. The living room was large and vaulted, with glass on three sides and a fireplace in the...
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