the words echoed through the still courtroom

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Unformatted text preview: t; He lifted a piece of paper and waved it. The message was delivered: we have the proof, we have the family, we know who they are and you don't. "That'll look good on the front page," Patrick said. "The family begging you not to prosecute." How much did you pay them, he started to ask, then let it go. It was not relevant. More doodling on the legal pad. More appraising his sinking options as the tape recorder captured the silence. With his opponent on the ropes, Patrick moved in for the knockout. "Look, Terry," he said sincerely. "You can't prosecute me for murder. That's gone. You can't prosecute me for mutilating a corpse, because you don't know who got mutilated. You have nothing. I know it's a bitter pill to swallow, but you can't change the facts. You'll take some heat, but, hell, that's part of your job." "Gee thanks. Look, I can indict you for mutilating the corpse. We'll call him John Doe." "Why not Jane Doe?" Sandy asked. "Whatever. And we'll pull the records of every old codger who died in early February of 1992. We'll go to the families, see if they've talked to you. We might even get a court order, dig up a few graves. We'll take our time. Meanwhile, you'll get transferred to the Harrison County Jail, where I'm sure Sheriff Sweeney will see the need to give you a few good cellmates. We'll oppose bail, and no judge will grant it because of your propensity to flee. Months will go by. Summer will come. The jail has no air conditioning. You'll lose some more weight. We'll keep digging, and with a little luck we'll find the empty grave. And in exactly nine months, two hundred and seventy days after the indictment, we'll go to trial." "How are you going to prove I did it? There are no witnesses, nothing but some circumstantial evidence." "It'll be close. But you miss my point. If I drag my feet getting the indictment, I could add two months to your sentence. That's almost a year...
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