12 gauge pump he purchased from a pawnshop in

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Unformatted text preview: and watched the traffic on Canal. Another Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html clue in the Patrick puzzle had just fallen into place. The question of the moment was this: How long had Patrick planned his departure from his old life? Bad wife, bastard child, horrible accident, no corpse, elaborate theft, take the money and run. The planning was astonishing. Everything had worked perfectly, until now of course. "Then why fight the divorce?" he asked, still looking below. "If he doesn't want the child, why bring up the trash?" Sandy knew the answer, but he wanted her to explain it. In doing so, she would give the first glimpse of the rest of the master plan. "You bring up the trash only to her lawyer," she said. "You show him the file, all of it. At that point, they'll be anxious to settle." "Settle, as in money." "Correct." "What type of settlement?" "She gets nothing." "What is there to get?" "Depends. It could be a small fortune, or a large one." Sandy turned and glared at her. "I cannot negotiate a property settlement if I don't know how much my client has. At some point, you guys have to clue me in." "Be patient," she said, thoroughly unruffled. "With time, you'll know more." "Does Patrick really think he can buy his way out of this?" "He'll certainly try." "It won't work." "Do you have a better idea?" "No." "I didn't think so. It's our only chance." Sandy relaxed and leaned against the wall. "It would be helpful if you guys would tell me more." "We will. I promise. But first, we'll take care of the divorce. Trudy has to relinquish all claims to his assets." "That should be easy. And fun." "Get it done, and we'll chat again next week." It was suddenly time for Sandy to leave. She was on her feet, gathering papers. He took his files and placed them in his briefcase. "How lo...
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