According to the guards account the silent alarm had

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Unformatted text preview: was still activated when the security guard arrived. Danilo was missing. Maybe he'd gone jogging and neglected the routine. According to the guard's account, the silent alarm had been activated an hour and ten minutes ago. But Danilo jogged for less than an hour-six miles at seven to eight minutes per, total of fifty minutes max. No exceptions. She knew his movements. •She called his home on Rua Tiradentes, and no one answered. She called the number to a cell phone he sometimes kept nearby, and no one answered. He had accidentally tripped the alarm three months ago, and scared them both badly. But a quick phone call from her had cleared up the matter. He was much too careful about the security system to get careless. It meant too much. She made the calls again, with the same results. There is an explanation for this, she told herself. She dialed the number to an apartment in Curitiba, a city of a million and a half, and the capital of the state of Parana. To their knowledge, no one knew of the apartment. It was leased under another name and used for storage and infrequent meetings. They spent short weekends there occasionally; not often enough to suit Eva. She expected no answer at the apartment and got none. Danilo would not go there without first calling her. When the phone calls were finished, she locked her office door and leaned against it with her eyes closed. Associates and secretaries could be heard in the hallway. The firm had thirty-three lawyers at the moment, second largest in Rio Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, with a branch in Sao Paulo and another in New York. Telephones and faxes and copiers blended together in a busy distant chorus. At thirty-one, she was a seasoned five-year associate with the firm; seasoned to the point of working the long hours and coming in on Saturdays. Fourteen partners ran the firm, but only two were women. She had plans to change that ratio. Ten of the nineteen associates were female, evidence that in Brazil, as in the United States, women were r...
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