After a beer or two hed start with his stories i took

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Unformatted text preview: sh wax job on the long, sloping hood, then scampered around to the driver's side. "Here's a letter faxed to me from Sandy McDermott," he said as he cranked the engine and backed away. "Open it." "Where are we going?" she asked. "To the airport, general aviation. There's a small jet waiting for you there." "To take me where?" "New York." "And then to where?" "London, on the Concorde." They were on a busy street, with the FBI agents behind them. "Why are they behind us?" she asked. "Protection." She closed her eyes and rubbed her forehead, and thought of Patrick in his small room at the hospital, bored, with little to do but think of places to send her. Then she noticed the car phone. "May I?" she said, lifting it. "Sure." Birck was driving carefully, watching his mirrors as if he were chauffeuring the President. Eva called Brazil and, switching to her native tongue, had a tearful reunion with her father, via satellite. He was well, and so was she. Both were liberated, though she didn't tell him where she'd spent the last three days. Kidnapping Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, wasn't such a harsh ordeal after all, he joked. He had been treated superbly; not a single bruise. She promised to be home soon. Her legal work in the United States was almost over, and she was very homesick. Birck listened without trying to, though he couldn't understand a word. When she hung up and finished wiping her eyes, he said, "There are some phone numbers in the letter, in case you get stopped again by customs. The FBI has lifted its alert, and they've agreed to allow you to travel under your passport for the next seven days." She listened but said nothing. "There's also a phone number in London, if something happens at Heathrow." She finally opened the letter. It was from Sandy, on his letterhead. Things were proceeding nicely, and rapidly, in B...
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