Agent joshua cutter yes shepaused slightly are you

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Unformatted text preview: back. Someone had taken Danilo. His past had finally caught him. "Hello," came the voice, as if it were only a block away. "Agent Joshua Cutter?" "Yes." She.paused slightly. "Are you in charge of the Patrick Lanigan investigation?" She knew perfectly well that he was. A pause on his end. "Yes. Who is this?" They would trace the call to Rio, and that would take about three minutes. Then their tracking would drown in a city of ten million. But she looked around nervously anyway. "I'm calling from Brazil," she said, according to script. "They've captured Patrick." "Who?" Cutter asked. "I'll give you a name." "I'm listening," Cutter said, his voice suddenly edgy. "Jack Stephano. Do you know him?" A pause as Cutter tried to place the name. "No. Who is he?" "A private agent in Washington. He's been searching for Patrick for the past four years." "And you say he's found him, right?" "Yes. His men found him." "Where?" "Here. In Brazil." "When?" "Today. And I think they might kill him." Cutter pondered this for a second, then asked, "What else can you tell me?" She gave him Stephano's phone number in D.C., then hung up and wandered out of the building. GUY CAREFULLY FLIPPED through the assorted papers taken from Danny Boy's house, and marveled at the invisible trail. A monthly statement from a local bank listed a balance of three thousand dollars, not exactly what they had in mind. The only deposit was for eighteen hundred, debits for the month of less than a thousand. Danny Boy lived quite frugally. His electric and phone bills were unpaid but not past due. A dozen other small bills were marked paid. One of Guy's men checked all the phone numbers on Danny Boy's bill, but turned up nothing interesting. Another scoured the hard drive from his little computer and quickly learned that Danny Boy was not m...
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