Am i doing the civil as well as the criminal

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Unformatted text preview: "No. She says it's urgent. She's not leaving. It's about Patrick Lanigan." He looked at her curiously. "She says she's a lawyer," the secretary said. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "Where's she from?" "Brazil." "Brazil?" "Yes." "Does she look, you know, Brazilian?" "I guess." "Show her in." Sandy met her at the door and greeted her warmly. Eva gave her name as Leah, with nothing behind it. "I didn't catch your last name," Sandy said, all smiles. "I don't use one," she said. "Not yet, anyway." Must be a Brazilian thing, Sandy thought. Like Pele, the soccer player. Just a first name with no last. He escorted her to a chair in the corner and sent for coffee. She declined and sat slowly. He glanced at her legs. She was dressed casually, nothing flashy. He sat across the coffee table from her and noticed her eyes-beautiful eyes, light brown, but very tired. Her long dark hair fell past her shoulders. Patrick always had a good eye. Trudy was a mismatch, but she could certainly stop traffic. "I'm here on behalf of Patrick," she said haltingly. "Did he send you?" Sandy asked. "Yes, he did." She spoke slowly, her words soft and low. The accent was very slight. "Did you study in the States?" he asked. "Yes. I have a degree in law from Georgetown." That would explain the near perfect American-English. "And you practice where?" "In a firm in Rio. My work is in international trade." She had yet to smile, and this bothered Sandy. A visitor from afar. A beautiful one at that; one with a brain and nice legs. He wanted her to relax in the warmth of his office. This was, after all, New Orleans. "Is that where you met Patrick?" he asked. "Yes. In Rio." "Have you spoken to him since-" "No. Not since he was taken." She almost added that she was despera...
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