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Unformatted text preview: se were in the newspaper, right?" he said. "Some of them." "Yeah, I think you spread them around when you sued the FBI." "The FBI didn't do this to my client, Mr. Mims." "Oh really." Mims released the photos and waited for Sandy. "The FBI didn't find Patrick." "Then why did you sue them?" "Publicity stunt, designed to arouse some sympathy for my client." "Didn't work." "Maybe not with you, but you won't be on the jury, will you? Anyway, these injuries were the result of prolonged torture, inflicted by men working for Jack Stephano, who was working for several clients, one of whom happened to be Northern Case Mutual, a very proud publicly owned company with a solid reputation for corporate responsibility and six billion in stockholders' equity." Talbot Mims was extremely practical. He had to be. With three hundred open files in his office and eighteen large insurance companies as clients, he didn't have time to play games. "Two questions," he said. "First, can you prove this?" "Yes. The FBI can confirm it." , "Second. What do you want?" "I want a high-ranking Northern Case Mutual executive here in this room tomorrow, someone with unquestioned authority." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "These are busy people." "We're all busy. I'm not threatening a lawsuit, but think of how embarrassing this could be." "Sounds like a threat to me." "Take it any way you want." "What time tomorrow?" "Four P.M." "We'll be here," Mims said, reaching forward to shake hands. He then left in a rush, his minions racing behind. Sandy's own crew arrived mid-afternoon. A secretary answered the phone, which by then was ringing every ten minutes. Sandy had placed calls to Cutter, T.L. Parrish, Sheriff Sweeney, Mark Birck in Miami, Judge Huskey, a handful of lawyers in Biloxi,...
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