Aricia took advantage of this for every bogus claim

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Unformatted text preview: icked Ponta Pora for a reason. It's a wonderful place to hide. Local officials are cooperative if the money is right. The Germans discovered it after the war. One bad move, the cops get tipped, and they step in to protect him. So we waited and schemed and finally grabbed him outside of town, on a small road with no witnesses. A clean getaway. We sneaked him into Paraguay to a safe house." "And there you tortured him?" Stephano paused, took a sip of coffee, and stared at Oliver. "Something like that," he said. Twenty-seven PATRICK PACED and stretched at one end of the doctors' conference room while Sandy sat and listened and doodled on a legal pad. A nurse had brought a tray of cookies, still untouched. Sandy admired the cookies and asked himself how many capital murder prisoners got cookies delivered to them? How many had their own team of bodyguards lurking nearby? How many had the Judge stopping by for pizza? "Things are changing, Sandy," Patrick said without looking at him. "We have to move fast." "Move where?" "She won't stay here as long as her father is miss-ing." "As usual, I'm thoroughly confused. The gaps are getting wider and the two of you speak in tongues. But I'm just the lawyer. Why should I know anything?" "She has the files and records, and the story. You have to go see her." "I just saw her last night." "She's waiting on you." "Really? Where?" "There's a beach house at Perdido. She's there." "Let me guess. I'm supposed to drop everything, and race over right now." "It's important, Sandy." "So are my other clients," he said angrily. "Why can't you give me a little notice here?" "I'm sorry." "I have court this afternoon. My daughter's got soccer. Is it asking too much for some warning?" Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "I couldn't antic...
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