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Unformatted text preview: ipate a kidnapping, Sandy. You've got to admit the circumstances are somewhat unusual. Try and understand." Sandy took a deep breath and scribbled something. Patrick sat on the edge of the table, very near him. "I'm sorry, Sandy." "What might we discuss at the beach house?" "Aricia." "Aricia," he repeated, then looked away. He knew the basics, at least what he'd read in the papers. "It will take some time, so I'd pack for overnight." "Am I expected to stay at the beach house?" "Yes." "With Leah?" "Yes. It's a big house." "And what exactly am I supposed to tell my wife? That I'm shacked up in a beach house with a beautiful Brazilian woman?" "I wouldn't. Just tell her you're meeting with the rest of my defense team." "That's nice." "Thanks, Sandy." UNDERHILL joined Oliver after a coffee break. They sat next to each other with the video camera behind them, all eyes aimed down the table at Ste-phano. "Who interrogated Patrick?" Underhill asked Ste-phano. "I'm not required to give the names of my associ-ates." "Did this person have any experience with physical interrogation?" "Limited." "Describe the means used." "I'm not sure-" "We've seen the photos of the burns, Mr. Stephano. And we, the FBI, have been sued for injuries inflicted by your men. Now, tell us how you did it." "I wasn't there. I didn't plan the interrogation because I have little experience in that field. I knew in general terms that a series of electrical shocks would be applied to various points on Mr. Lanigan's body. That is what happened. I had no idea it would cause serious burns." There was a pause as Underhill glanced at Oliver and Oliver glanced at Underhill. Blatant disbelief. Stephano simply sneered at them. "How long did this go on?" "Five to six hours." They looked at a file and whispered something. Underhill asked...
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