Business was slow the boat was insured against theft

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Unformatted text preview: meras were aimed at the end of the table where Stephano sat calmly in his shirtsleeves, his lawyer by his side. "Would you state your name?" asked Underbill, the first of the interrogators, each of whom had memorized the Lanigan file. "Jonathan Edmund Stephano. Jack." "And your company is?" "Edmund Associates." "And what does your company do?" "Lots of things. Security consulting. Surveillance. Personnel research. Locating of missing persons." "Who owns the company?" "I do. All of it." "How many employees do you have?" "It varies. As of now, eleven full-time. Thirty or so part-time, or freelancers." "Were you hired to find Patrick Lanigan?" "Yes." "When?" "March 28, 1992." Stephano had files packed with notes, but he didn't need them. "Who hired you?" "Benny Aricia, the man whose money was stolen." "How much did you charge him?" "The initial retainer was two hundred grand." "How much has he paid you to date?" "One point nine million." "What did you do after you were hired by Benny Aricia?" "Several things. I immediately flew to Nassau in the Bahamas to meet with the bank where the theft occurred. It was a branch of the United Bank of Wales. My client, Mr. Aricia, and his former law firm, had established a new account there to receive the money, and, as we now know, someone else was waiting on the money, too." "Is Mr. Aricia a U.S. citizen?" "Yes." "Why did he establish an account offshore?" "It was ninety million dollars, sixty for him, thirty for the lawyers, and nobody wanted the money to appear in a bank in Biloxi. Mr. Aricia lived there at the time, and it was agreed by all that it would be a bad idea for anyone locally to see Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, the money." "Was Mr. Aricia trying to avoid the IRS?" "I don't kn...
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