But he didnt make it the second man glanced up and

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Unformatted text preview: he possibility of a long prison sentence and maybe an execution. This divorce, Mr. Riddleton, is the least of his worries." "Then why are you threatening us?" "He wants her to shut up, to get her divorce and go away, and to release all future claims against him. He wants it done now." "If not?" J. Murray loosened his tie and sunk an inch lower. The day was suddenly late; he needed to go home. He thought for a long minute, then said, "She'll lose everything, does he know that? The life insurance company will wipe her out." "There are no winners here, Mr. Riddleton." "Let me speak to her." Sandy gathered his things and made a slow retreat to the door. J. Murray managed another sad smile, and just as they were shaking hands to depart, Sandy, as if he had almost forgotten it, mentioned the anonymous tip his office had received in New Orleans about Lance searching for a hit man. He didn't know if he believed it, but he felt compelled to discuss it with the Sheriff and the FBI anyway. They discussed it briefly. Riddleton promised to mention it to his client. Twenty-one DR. HAYANI'S LAST STOP was Patrick's room. It was almost dark, long past time to leave for the day, and he found Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html his famous patient sitting in his gym shorts in a chair at a makeshift desk in the only empty corner of his room. The desk was a small table, with a lamp Patrick had conned out of an orderly. A plastic water cup held pens and pencils. Another held the beginning of a collection of paper clips, rubber bands, push pins, all donated by the nursing staff. He even had three legal pads. Patrick was in business. An impressive collection of legal documents occupied one corner, and he was reviewing one of the numerous lawsuits filed against him when his doc popped in, for the third time of the day. "Welcome to my office," Patrick said. A bulky TV hung not far above his head. The...
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