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Unformatted text preview: llion, with thirty going to his lawyers, Bogan and Vitrano and the rest of those filthy crooks in Biloxi. But it had vanished, just before it reached Benny. He was at the Willard Hotel, also near the White House, hiding and waiting to hear from Stephano. They met an hour later at the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown, in a suite Aricia had just reserved for a week. Benny was almost sixty, but looked ten years younger. He was lean and bronze, with the perpetual tan of an affluent South Florida retiree who played golf every day. He lived in a condo on a canal with a Swedish woman who was young enough to be his daughter. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, When the money was stolen, the law firm owned an insurance policy covering fraud and theft by its partners and employees. Embezzlement is common in law firms. The policy, sold by Monarch-Sierra Insurance Company, had a limit of four million dollars, payable to the firm. Aricia sued the law firm with a vengeance. His lawsuit demanded sixty million; all that he was entitled to. Because there was little else to collect, and because the firm was about to run to bankruptcy court, Benny had settled for the four million paid by Monarch-Sierra. He'd spent almost half of that searching for Patrick. The fancy condo in Boca had cost a half a million. Other expenditures here and there, and Benny was down to his last million. He stood in the window and sipped decaffeinated coffee. "Am I going to be arrested?" he asked. "Probably not. But I'd keep low anyway." Benny placed his coffee on the table and sat across from Stephano. "Have you talked to the insurance companies?" he asked. "Not yet. I'll call later. You guys are safe." Northern Case Mutual, the life insurance company which had made Trudy rich, had secretly set aside half a million for the search. Monarch-Sierra had put up a million. In all, Stephano's little consortium had pledged and spent over three million dollars in the hunt for Patrick. "Any luck with the girl?" Aricia asked. "Not yet. Our...
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