Clovis and i left and drove to my hunting cabin he

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Unformatted text preview: ;No, he can't. But here's the catch. He won't know about Clovis unless I tell him, but I have to tell him before he'll drop the murder charges. Now, telling him about Clovis is one thing, but testifying in court is another. He can't make me testify in court if he tries me for mutilation. He'll be pressured to try me for something, because, as you say, he can't allow me to walk away. He can try me, but he can't convict me because I'm the only witness and there's no way to prove the burned body was that of Clovis." "Parrish is screwed from all sides." "Correct. The federal charges are gone, and when we drop this bomb Parrish will feel enormous heat to nail me for something. Otherwise, I walk." "So what's the plan?" "Simple. We take the pressure off Parrish and allow him to save face. You go to Clovis' grandchildren, tell them the Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, truth, offer them some money. They'll certainly have the right to sue me once the truth is known, and you can assume they'll do it. Their suit isn't worth much because they ignored the old man most of their lives, but it's a safe bet they'll sue anyway. We cut them off at the pass. We settle with them quietly, and in return for the money they agree to pressure Parrish not to press charges." "You scheming bastard." "Thank you. Why won't it work?" "Parrish can prosecute you regardless of the family's wishes." "But he won't because he can't convict me. The worst scenario for Parrish is to take me to trial and lose. It's much safer for him to hit the back door now, use the family as an excuse, and avoid the embarrassment of losing a high-profile case." "Is this what you've been thinking about for the past four years?" "It has crossed my mind, yes." Sandy began pacing along the foot of the bed, deep in thought, his mind clicking away and trying to keep up with his client's. "We have...
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