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Unformatted text preview: lit.html "What day was it?" Sandy asked. "February 6, 1992." Sandy exhaled, closed his eyes tightly, and slowly shook his head. "He didn't want a church service because he knew no one would come. We buried him in a cemetery outside Wiggins. I was there, as a pallbearer. Three old widows from the church were there, crying, but you got the impression they had cried over every burial in Wiggins in the past fifty years. The minister was there, and he dragged with him five elderly deacons to act as pallbearers. Two other folks were there, for a total of twelve. After a brief service, Clovis was laid to rest." "It was a pretty light casket, wasn't it?" Sandy said. "Yes it was." "Where was Clovis?" "His spirit was rejoicing with the saints." "Where was his body?" "On the porch of my cabin, in a freezer." "You sick puppy." "I didn't kill anybody, Sandy. Old Clovis was singing with the angels when his remains got burned up. I figured he wouldn't mind." "You have an excuse for everything, don't you, Patrick?" Patrick's legs hung from the side of his bed. His feet were six inches from the floor. He didn't respond. Sandy paced around a bit, then leaned on the wall. He was only slightly relieved to learn his friend had not killed anyone. The thought of burning a corpse seemed almost as repulsive. "Let's hear the rest of it," Sandy said. "I'm sure you have everything mapped out." "I've had time to think about it, yes." "I'm listening." "There's a Mississippi penal statute on grave-snatching, but it wouldn't apply to me. I didn't steal Clovis from the grave. I took him from his casket. There's another statute dealing with mutilating a corpse, and it's the only one Parrish can stick on me. It's a felony, and carries up to one year in jail. I figure that if that's all they can use, then Parrish will push very hard for the one year." "He can't let you walk away." "...
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