Congratulations j murray said he reached into a drawer

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Unformatted text preview: e Lanigan stole from the firm, Monarch-Sierra was forced to pay up, to the tune of four million dollars." "But your client, Mr. Aricia, received this money, correct?" "Yes. He first sued the law firm for the entire sixty million he lost, but the firm had few assets. The firm agreed to hand over the proceeds from the policy. We all sat down at the table and struck a deal. Monarch-Sierra agreed to pay the money without a fight if Mr. Aricia would use up to a million of it to find Lanigan. Mr. Aricia agreed, but only if Monarch-Sierra would kick in another one million to finance the search." "So Aricia was in for a million, Monarch-Sierra for a million, and Northern Case Mutual for half a million. Total of two point five." "Yes, that was the initial agreement." "Where was the law firm?" "They chose not to participate. Frankly, they didn't have the money, and they were too shocked to respond. Initially, they helped in other ways." "And the players paid up?" "Yes. The money was wired to my firm's account." "Now that the search is over, how much of the money is left?" "Almost none." "How much was spent?" "Three and a half million, give or take a little. About a year ago, the funds ran out. The insurance companies said no. Mr. Aricia kicked in another half a million, then another three hundred thousand. His total to date is one point nine." Actually, it was an even two million, now that Benny had reluctantly decided to go after the girl. The FBI, of course, would not know this. "And how was the money spent?" Stephano referred to his notes, but only for a glimpse. "Almost a million in payroll, travel, and other expenses related to the search. One point five million in rewards. And an even million to my firm as fees." "You've been paid a million dollars?" Warren asked, still with no movement of muscle but with a slightly raised voice. "...
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