Cutter and the rest of the cops made a wall behind

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Unformatted text preview: sent eight men to death row. Mast had yet to indict one for capital murder. "And then there is the issue of prison," Parrish continued. "We send him to Parchman, where he's locked down twenty-three hours a day in a steam room with bad food served twice a day, two showers a week, lots of roaches and rapists. If you get him, he gets a country club for the rest of his life while the federal courts pamper him and find a thousand ways to keep him alive." "It won't be a picnic," Mast said, on the ropes and covering badly. "A day at the beach maybe. Come on, Maurice. The issue is leverage. We have two big mysteries, two questions that must be answered before Lanigan is put to rest. The big one is money. Where is it? What did he do with it? Can it be recovered and given to its owners? The second is just exactly who is buried out there. I gotta hunch that only Lanigan can tell us, and he won't unless he's forced to. He's gotta be scared, Maurice. Parchman is terrifying. I promise you, he's praying for a federal indictment." Mast was convinced but he couldn't agree. The case was simply too big to hand over to the locals. Cameras were arriving at the moment. "There are other charges, you know," he said. "The theft happened offshore, a long way from here." "Yeah, but the victim was a resident of this county at the time," Parrish said. "It's not a simple case." "What are you proposing?" "Perhaps we should do it jointly," Mast said, and the ice melted considerably. The feds could preempt at any time, and the fact that the U.S. Attorney was offering to share was the best Parrish could hope for. Parchman was the key, and everyone in the room knew it. Lanigan the lawyer had to know what awaited him there, and the prospect of ten years in hell prior to death could loosen his tongue. A plan was devised to divide the pie, with both men, Parrish and Mast, tacitly agreeing to share the spotlight. The FBI would continue its search for the money. The loca...
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