Cutter threw a card in front of them call me if i can

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Unformatted text preview: hat she would never be without Lance. LANCE OPENED THE DOOR, bare-chested, black hair pulled back tightly into the obligatory ponytail, a large diamond earring in the left lobe. He sneered at Cutter as he sneered at the world, and didn't say a word. "Is Trudy in?" Cutter asked. "Maybe." The badge flashed, and for a second the sneer vanished. "Agent Cutter, FBI. I've talked to her before." Lance imported marijuana from Mexico with a large, fast boat Trudy had purchased for him. He sold the pot to a gang in Mobile. Business was slow because the DEA was asking questions. "She's in the gym," Lance said, nodding past Cutter. "What do you want?" Cutter ignored him and walked across the drive to a converted garage where the music was booming. Lance followed. Trudy was in the midst of a high-level aerobics challenge being dictated to her by a supermodel on a large-screen TV at one end of the room. She bounced and gyrated and mouthed the words to a nameless song, and looked damned good doing it. Tight yellow spandex. Tight blond ponytail. Not an ounce of fat anywhere. Cutter could've watched for hours. Even her sweat was cute. She did this two hours a day. At thirty-five, Trudy still looked like everybody's high school sweetheart. Lance hit a switch and the video stopped. She twirled, saw Cutter, and gave him a look that would melt cheese. "Do you mind?" she snapped at Lance. Evidently, this workout was not to be disturbed. "I'm Special Agent Cutter, FBI," he said, whipping out his badge and walking to her. "We met once before, a few years back." She dabbed her face with a towel, a yellow one that matched the spandex. She was hardly breathing. She flashed perfect teeth, and everything was okay. "What can I do for you?" Lance stood beside her. Matching ponytails. "I have some wonderful news for you," Cutter said with a broad smile. "What?" "We've found your husband, Mrs. Lanigan, and he's alive.&...
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