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Unformatted text preview: ple in the home office. He was the secret moving force behind the cost overruns." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, Mast placed a stack of documents at Patrick's side. He took one, and with only a glance knew everything about it. "This is a sample of the fictitious labor New Coastal Shipyards was paid for. It's a computerized labor summary for one week in June of 1988. It lists eighty-four employees, all bogus names, and gives their wages for the week. The total is seventy-one thousand dollars." "How were these names selected?" asked Mast. "At the time, there were eight thousand employees at New Coastal. They selected real names that were common-Jones, Johnson, Miller, Green, Young- and changed the first initial." "How much labor was falsified?" "According to Aricia's filing, it was nineteen million dollars over a four-year period." "Did Mr. Aricia know it was falsified?" "Yes, he implemented the scheme." "And how do you know this?" "Where are the tapes?" Mast handed him a sheet of paper on which the tapes of over sixty conversations had been cataloged. Patrick studied it for a minute. "I think it's tape number seventeen," he said. The assistant U.S. attorney in charge of the box of tapes produced number seventeen, and inserted it into a player in the center of the table. Patrick said, "This is Doug Vitrano talking to Jimmy Havarac, two of the partners, in Vitrano's office, on May 3, 1991." The player was turned on, and they waited for the voices. FIRST VOICE: How do you pad nineteen million dollars in bogus labor? "That's Jimmy Havarac," Patrick said quickly. SECOND VOICE: It wasn't difficult. "And that's Doug Vitrano," Patrick said. VITRANO: The labor was running fifty million a year. For four years it was over two hundred million. So they were just tacking on a ten percent increase. It got lost in...
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