Everything seemed odd at the moment how odd that she

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Unformatted text preview: ffee in the clerk's office yesterday and telling how he had it from an inside source that you'd blown the money on drugs and teenaged prostitutes, and that was why you were living like a peasant in Brazil." "That sounds like Doak." The levity passed quickly as Patrick grew quiet. Huskey wasn't about to lose the moment. "So where's the money?" "I can't tell you, Karl." "How much is left?" "A ton." "More than you stole?" "More than I took, yes." "How'd you do it?" Patrick swung his feet from the other side of the bed, and walked to the door. It was closed. He stretched his back and legs, and took a drink from a bottle of water. Then he sat on the edge of the bed, looking down at KarL "I got lucky," he said, almost in a whisper. But Karl heard every syllable. "I was leaving, Karl, with or without the money. I knew the money was coming to the firm, and I had a plan to get it. But if that had fallen through, I was still leaving. I couldn't take another day with Trudy. I hated my job, and I was about to get my throat cut at the firm anyway. Bogan and those boys were in the midst of a gigantic fraud, and I was the only person outside the firm who knew it." "What fraud?" "Aricia's claim. We'll talk about that later. So I slowly planned my escape, and I got lucky and got away. The luck followed me until two weeks ago. Incredible luck." "We got as far as the burial." "Right. I went back to the litde condo I had rented at Orange Beach. I stayed there a couple of days, indoors, listening to language tapes and memorizing Portuguese vocabulary. I also spent hours editing the conversations I had recorded around the office. There were a lot of documents to organize. I actually worked quite hard. At night, I walked the beach for hours, working up a sweat, trying to melt the pounds off as quickly as possible. I completely disassociated myself from food." "What kind of documents?" "The Aricia...
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