Fire is the surest way to destroy evidence and

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Unformatted text preview: re allowed. The local Sheriff confirmed that the boy was back. He had listened to the torture tape three times, often stopping it to replay his favorite spots. Once, two days ago on a flight to Florida, he had listened to it with earphones as he sipped a drink in first class and smiled at the blood-curdling sounds of a man begging for mercy. But the smiles were rare for Benny these days. He was certain Patrick had told what he knew, and it wasn't enough. Patrick knew he would someday get caught; that's why he shrewdly placed the money with the girl, who then hid it from everyone, including Patrick. Brilliant. Nothing short of it. "What will it take to find her?" he asked Stephano, as the two lunched on soup sent up by room service. The question had been asked many times already. "What, or how much?" "How much, I guess." "Can't answer that. We have no idea where she is, but we know where she's from. And we know she'll likely surface somewhere around Biloxi, now that her man's there. It can be done." "How much?" Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "Just guessing, I'd say a hundred thousand, with no guarantees. Put up the money, and when it's gone, we quit." "Any chance the feds will know we're still looking?" "Nope." Benny stirred his soup-tomatoes and noodles. Down one point nine million already, it seemed foolish not to give it one last shot. The odds were long, but the reward could be enormous. It was the same game he'd played for four years now. "And if you find her?" he asked. "We'll make her talk," Stephano said, and they exchanged grimaces at the unpleasant thought of doing to a woman what they'd done to Patrick. "What about his lawyer?" Aricia finally asked. "Can't we bug his office, tap his phones, somehow listen in when he talks to his client. Surely they'll talk about my money." "It's a possibility. Are you serious?" "Seriou...
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