Four weeks after the burial trudy got her two and a

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Unformatted text preview: We'll watch him, maybe he'll lead us to the money." "The money will be easy to find," Vitrano said. "There was a dead body. Somebody got killed by our boy Patrick. It's a death penalty case, open and shut. Murder for the sake of money. Patrick will sing when the pressure is applied." "Better yet, give him to us," Bogan said, without a smile. "Ten minutes, and we'll know everything." Cutter glanced at his watch. "I gotta go. I have to go to Point Clear and break the news to Trudy." Bogan and Vitrano snorted in perfect unison, then laughed. "Oh, she doesn't know?" Bogan said. "Not yet." "Please video it," Vitrano said, still laughing quietly. "I'd love to see her face." "I'm actually looking forward to it," Cutter said. "The bitch," Bogan said. Cutter stood and said, "Tell the other partners, but sit on it until noon. We've scheduled a press conference then. I'll be in touch." They didn't say a word for a long time after he left. There were so many questions, so much to say. The room spun with possibilities and scenarios. THE VICTIM of a fiery one-car collision, on a rural road with no witnesses, Patrick was laid to rest by his lovely wife Trudy on February 11, 1992. She was a striking widow, dressed in black Armani, and as they shoveled dirt onto his casket she was already spending the money. His will left everything to her. It was simple and had been recently updated. Hours before the funeral mass, Trudy and Doug Vitrano had carefully opened the lockbox in Patrick's office and inventoried the contents. They found the will, two car titles, the deed to the Lanigan home, a life insurance policy in the amount of half a million dollars that Trudy knew about, and another policy for two million that she'd never heard of. Vitrano had quickly scanned the unexpected policy. It had been purchased by Patrick eight months earlier. Trudy was the sole beneficiary. The same company had sold both policies,...
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