Fourteen for his return home patrick chose a pair of

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Unformatted text preview: would like to see you," the second one said. "Why?" "Don't know. He told us to come get you. He wants you to ride with us to his office." "So Hamilton is working late, is he?" "Yes sir. Can you come with us?" "Are you arresting me again?" "Well, no." "Then what exactly are you doing? I have lots of lawyers, you know. Wrongful arrest or detention, and you boys could get yourselves sued." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, They looked at each other nervously. Stephano was not afraid of meeting with Jaynes, or anybody else for that matter. He could certainly handle anything Jaynes could throw at him. But he reminded himself that there were criminal charges pending against him. A little cooperation might help. "Give me five minutes," he said, then disappeared inside. JAYNES STOOD behind his desk holding a thick report and flipping its pages when Stephano entered. "Have a seat," he said abruptly, waving at the chairs opposite his desk. It was almost midnight. "A pleasant evening to you, Hamilton," Stephano said with a grin. Jaynes dropped the report. "What on earth did you do to that boy down there?" "I don't know. I guess one of the Brazilian boys got a little rough. He'll survive." "Who did it?" "Do I need my lawyer here, Hamilton? Is this an interrogation?" "I'm not sure what this is, okay? The Director is at home, on the phone, consulting with the Attorney General, who by the way is not taking this very well, and they call me every twenty minutes and peel off some more skin. This is serious stuff, okay, Jack? These allegations are hideous, and right now the whole country is looking at those damned pictures and wondering why we tortured an American citizen." "I'm terribly sorry." "I can tell. Now, who did it?" "Some locals down there. A gang of Brazilians...
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